Optimistic Theresa May to call for flexibility from European Union in Brexit talks

Optimistic Theresa May to call for flexibility from European Union in Brexit talks

Because what we are dealing with here is not rocket science.

Pointing out that the British leader Theresa May has already accepted to make some concessions in a speech she gave in Florence, Jensen said that it is also necessary for the European Union to move along on similar lines with its own concessions.

According to a source familiar with the matter, May told business leaders that for her, a roughly two-year transitional agreement was non-negotiable.

This round of divorce discussions is the last before European leaders meet at a summit on October 19 to decide whether there is "sufficient progress" to move on to the trade talks that Britain desperately wants. "In my view it is rather important we get into a more close and more speedy process on concluding some of the issues".

But pressed on whether it would be worth carrying on paying indefinitely for full access to the single market, she told BBC Radio 5 Live's Pienaar's Politics: "We would leave the single market ... on the table, and it may be that there's an arrangement that's in the UK's best interests that involves some sort of payment for access". Britain must navigate a path out of the European Union and outline a future trade deal by March 2019, when the country will leave the bloc even if no agreement has been reached.

Danish Foreign Minister Kristian Jensen, however, called for compromise, saying "this will never be a 100 per cent win for one side or the other side". Brexit talks resume in the Belgian capital on Monday with officials saying agreements on some fundamental issues, in particular Britain's financial settlement, are still some way off, Bloomberg reported.

"The truth is the overwhelming majority of Conservative MPs, the truth is the entirety of the cabinet, the truth is the overwhelming majority of people, want the prime minister to concentrate on doing the job that 14 million people elected her to do earlier this year", said United Kingdom environment secretary Michael Gove, who had been one of the leadership contenders for the Conservatives alongside May when David Cameron exited 10, Downing Street after the Brexit vote last year.

On Friday, envoys from numerous 27 including heavyweights Germany and France opposed suggestions from Barnier that they might start some preliminary discussion of what exactly will happen in the transition period immediately after Brexit.

The Times is reporting that he has support from some Remain supporters in the Cabinet who argue ditching the CFP would be a concrete "win" for the Government in the negotiations. I would hope that the British back away from the Brexit.

"I believe we can prove the doomsayers wrong". I don't think they be able to complete all the negotiations by then in any case.

May told British lawmakers that "there is a new dynamic in the negotiations" since her major Brexit speech in Florence, Italy, last month.

It has also sharpened the focus of both sides of the Brexit debate in the UK.

They have also complained that their voice has been drowned out by disagreement and division in the government, and they have not heard anything to give them the certainty they need to plan and invest in their businesses.