The New Justice League Trailer Finds Amy Adams Mourning Superman's Death

The New Justice League Trailer Finds Amy Adams Mourning Superman's Death

Warner Bros. released the brand new Justice League trailer, giving us yet another close look at the highly anticipated DC film. The trailer opens in a dream with Superman (Henry Cavill) and Lois Lane (Amy Adams), and teases the major threat that will force the DC heroes to unite. We also glimpse Gotham City Police Commissioner Gordon (JK Simmons) and a band of Amazons who, along with their horses, apparently left Themyscira to fight the big bad. And while its unknown what precisely is firmly from Whedon here, the new trailer is certainly a bit of a tone shift from the Comic-Con trailer - which had a hard rock action-y vibe. We can't wait to see how it does upon release.

The arrival of the third, and likely final, trailer for Justice League undoubtedly brought with it the hope of fans that Superman, largely missing from the film's marketing, would swoop in to save the day in the final moments. We can save that for the inevitable sequel.

Justice League chose to doubly bless fans on Sunday morning, putting out a second cut of their newest trailer on their Instagram page and adding in a load of new footage. The song by David Bowie was a nice touch. "The world needs Superman", Batman says as audiences see him looking at what appears to be a hologram of the caped crusader.

Fans were quick to point out that the scene in the trailer mimics a key scene from Superman: The Movie.

Sam Benjamin will join the likes of Ben Affleck who plays Batman, Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) and Game of Thrones star Jason Mamoa who plays Aquaman.

JUSTICE LEAGUE hits Irish cinemas November 17, 2017.

At face value, this Justice League trailer is pretty good. Naturally, this means I prefer the likes of Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and so forth compared to many heroes you would find in the Avengers.