Who Is Lauren Sivan? Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of Reporter

Who Is Lauren Sivan? Harvey Weinstein Allegedly Masturbated In Front Of Reporter

Her friend, who was present at the restaurant, and several sources, who shared similar experiences with Weinstein and spoke on the condition of anonymity, corroborated several details in Sivan's story. Just before Sivan left, the friend told her that if she wasn't back in 10 minutes, she would come to check on her.

Democratic lawmakers have rushed to distance themselves from the veteran Hollywood producer after a bombshell Times report this week revealed allegations that the Democratic mega-donor had spent decades sexually harassing women he worked with. Sivan said that as soon as they were alone, Weinstein attempted to kiss her.

Bob Weinstein denied the accusation, but now he, along with Weinstein Company COO David Glasser, will be running the company while Harvey Weinstein is on "indefinite leave".

Brzezinski, who signed a July book deal with a Weinstein company, declared she would not honor her contract unless the Oscar-winning movie mogul is gone.

Mr. Weinstein was not available to be interviewed for the Huffington Post's report, his attorney told the new site. He has since taken an "indefinite" leave of absence from Weinstein Company and issued a freakish statement apologizing for his actions while simultaneously preparing to sue the Times for their report. The studio exec reportedly responded by saying, "Well, can you just stand there and shut up". At Cafe Socialista, Weinstein offered Sivan a tour, which she reluctantly accepted after telling a friend to come and get her if she wasn't back in "ten minutes".

Speaking further about Weinstein, Sivan also said that the Hollywood producer's auto was "stocked full of cases of Diet Coke" and that she found it very weird, according to the report.

Once Sivan and Weinstein were downstairs they chatted and he showed her the cafe.

The former TV journalist said she remained silent over the years out of fear of retaliation due to Weinstein's clout in the media industry.

She did, and met Sivan and Weinstein as they were leaving the kitchen.

Weinstein apparently tried to call Sivan the next day to set something up, but she declined and he never reached out to her again. The incident in the vestibule didn't last long. Weinstein mentioned that he was going on a foreign trip and asked if Sivan wanted to get together when he got back.