WWE SmackDown ratings down for Hell in a Cell go-home show

WWE SmackDown ratings down for Hell in a Cell go-home show

What was meant to be an in-ring interview to start the show, quickly turned into an ambush as the Singh Brothers provided a distraction for WWE champion Jinder Mahal to get the drop on Shinsuke Nakamura.

McMahon assured Zayn that he isn't trapped inside Hell in a Cell with Owens, but rather the other way around. That wasn't enough to put the younger McMahon down however, as he re-emerged and took another beating in the ring that ended with a headbutt and Pop-up Powerbomb combo. Throughout the course of their rivalry, the SmackDown Tag Team Championships have changed hands several times and every match seems to be an instant classic. With the promising matches on the card of Hell on in the Cell on the horizon.

The WWE SmackDown ratings data and viewership information are in for this week's show, and the blue brand saw their numbers dip after a nice increase for last week's episode. Of course, last night's show wasn't exactly great, but still, this was WWE's last shot at building HIAC. The truth is that SmackDown only really has two worthy tag teams, unlike Raw which has five (when all parties are healthy).

What else happened on SmackDown? Eventually, the interview was interrupted by the Singh Brothers coming out to announce the arrival of Jinder.

Nakamura was able to mount a comeback against Mahal, however, until The Singh Brothers joined in on the attack.

Next up was Baron Corbin vs. Tye Dillinger. Roode def. Mike Kanellis via pinfall: Moments after Roode obliterated a returning Kanellis in about 90 seconds (so, Mike is a jobber now), Ziggler hit the ring to continue his rant about entrances not making wrestlers. Unfortunately for Dolph, Roode is hot property right now and the company seemingly have big plans for him, therefore the chances of the glorious one losing his debut main roster P.P.V. clean look decidedly slim. An impressive victory, which caught the eye of United States Champion AJ Styles as he promised Dillinger that shortcuts would be ineffective on him come this Sunday when the two lock horns.

However, the ongoing investigation regarding their mystery attackers has been stretched out for far too long and WWE should bring an end to this storyline at Hell in a Cell. Finally, Randy Orton made quick work of English just to reinforce the rivalry with Rusev, for whom he has a match with Sunday.