Girlfriend of gunman behind Las Vegas shooting arrives in US

Girlfriend of gunman behind Las Vegas shooting arrives in US

The first shots began at 10:05 p.m. Sunday and ended 10 minutes later. While she was there, Paddock wired $100,000 to an account under her name.

"I was grateful, but honestly I was anxious it was a way for him to break up with me", she said.

Paddock "never said anything to me or took any action" which she understood as a warning of what was to come, she said in a statement read by her lawyer.

The police have said she is not a suspect.

Investigators are yet to discover Paddock's motive for the shooting. One camera was found in the peephole of his hotel room and two more were set up in the hall, according to the Washington Post.

The 62-year-old Australian citizen was reportedly born in the Philippines.

"We anticipate some information from her shortly", Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo stated on Tuesday.

They believe the shooter could have had an accomplice as well as a plan to escape, rather than die inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel.

The U.S. source said Danley was not under arrest, but that the Federal Bureau of Investigation hoped she would consent to be interviewed voluntarily. Her sisters told 7News earlier today that she had been sent away so that she would not interfere with what he was planning.

The sisters are in Australia and said they were shocked to learn that their sister went to the Philippines a couple of weeks ago.

Danley's sisters have defended her, insisting she had no idea of Paddock's intent and her brother said she has a "clean conscience". They also claimed Ms Danley had been sent $127,000 (£95,000).

Las Vegas Police found 50 pounds of explosives and 1,600 rounds of ammunition in the auto Paddock parked at the Mandalay Bay Hotel where he mounted his assault on thousands of concertgoers.

The Life is lovely festival featured Chance the Rapper, Muse, Lorde and Blink-182. In addition, it was revealed that 50 pounds of Tannerite were found in Paddock's vehicle as well as 1,600 rounds of ammunition.

The police believe Paddock acted alone.

Meanwhile, a hotel security officer was shot in the leg when Paddock sprayed 200 rounds of gunfire into the hallway when that officer approached his hotel room.