Springfield Fire Department announces open houses at 2 city fire stations

Springfield Fire Department announces open houses at 2 city fire stations

According to a press release from the Fire Department, the upstairs of a 3-unit apartment caught fire, and working smoke alarms aided all occupants in their escape.

"We want to encourage people to have early warning systems in place in their homes - smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms - and to have a home escape plan in place so everyone knows exactly what to do when an emergency strikes", said Ben Trendle, captain of fire prevention.

"When seconds count, plan two ways out". Seconds can mean the difference between residents escaping safely from a fire or having their lives end in tragedy.

The annual Fire Prevention Week Open House will be held from 10 2 p.m. Saturday, October 7th, at Fire Station No. 5, 400 N. Beneva Road.

This year's theme for Fire Prevention Week, which will be celebrated around the country October 7 through October 14, is "Every Second Counts, Plan 2 Ways Out".

Those in attendance can enjoy carnival rides, food, Molly the Fire Safety Dog and an antique fire truck.

Based on previous fire calls, Becker said some of these homes do not have fire alarms.

Karen Hendershot, director of public education for the department, said everyone in the community is invited to participate in the upcoming events.

"Even though Fire Prevention Week is promoted one week out of the year, we promote it all year".

The WFD is working in coordination with the National Fire Protection Association, the official sponsor of the Fire Prevention Week for more than 90 years, to reinforce those potentially life-saving messages.

"We are the keepers and we have to make sure they are safe".

Bernt says while Fire Prevention Week is only recognized nationally one week of the year, the Fremont Fire Department promotes fire prevention every day of the year. Just a small fire can do a tremendous amount of damage in a very short time, just in terms of smoke damage.

For more information regarding fire safety or forming an house fire escape plan, visit the NFPA's website at or contact the Edwardsville Fire Department at 692-7541.