Las Vegas shooter had devices to allow fully automatic gunfire

Las Vegas shooter had devices to allow fully automatic gunfire

Authorities are still looking for a motive behind the deadliest mass shooting in modern USA history in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday, Oct. 1.

How does a bump stock work?

The shots raining down from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay into the country music festival is a sound many won't forget.

General manager Christopher Sullivan said Stephen Craig Paddock showed no signs of being unfit to buy weapons.

Stephen's brother, Eric Paddock, has said that their father was not around much, though they moved with him to the Phoenix area, after his second release from prison.

Bump-fire stocks are attached to the receiver of the rifle. "That is an accessory that can be used to modify a weapon like an AR-15 to allow it to fire in rapid succession or automatic fire".

Feinstein had previously attempted to ban bump stocks in 2013, one month after 20 children were mowed down with an AR-15-style semi-automatic rifle at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in CT, but the legislation - which included an assault weapons ban - was defeated in the Senate.

With a semi-automatic weapon, you have to press the trigger manually for each shot. Still, according to a 2017 ATF report, there are now 630,019 automatic weapons registered with the federal agency, including 11,752 registered in the state of Nevada.

Several other weapons were purchased at Discount Firearms and Ammo, a few blocks from the strip in Las Vegas, the source said.

BUT they had been modified with something called a "bump stock". Ed Turner, a former police officer who owns a gun shop in Stockbridge, Georgia, said he's seeing a run on bump stocks since the shooting.

Cazes did sell the bump stocks four years ago, but doesn't carry them in his store anymore. "It wasn't something that a lot of people got or in demand that people wanted here", said Cazes.

"I didn't know him". Audio recordings from the scene strongly suggest that at least one of the guns was a fully automatic weapon or had been re-fashioned to operate like one. "I'm sure the son knew that he had escaped, knew he was a fugitive, but that's all he knew".

"It's a different story here in Washington state".

Paddock apparently bought the guns legally, passing the required background checks. It's a good start, but we can - and must - do more.

Those weapons have been largely outlawed for three decades, though Paddock could also have used legal or illegal means to alter semi-automatic rifles, which fire a round every time the trigger is pulled. We must make sure people intent on causing mass destruction and loss of life won't be aided by lax laws that give them unfettered access to military-style weaponry. "The "can't talk about it now" crowd is killing us". The system utilizes the guns own recoil and inertia'.

"It's very upsetting. It's very sad".