Amazon's 2nd headquarters could be in Springfield

Amazon's 2nd headquarters could be in Springfield

A city outside Atlanta is taking steps to create a brand new city in hopes of luring the company's planned new corporate hub to Georgia.

Lary said the city of Amazon could enter into an agreement with Stonecrest to provide city services, but it's unlikely Bezos and company would want to bargain with Georgia town government.

Whether Stonecrest wins Amazon's HQ2 or not, there's no denying this whole thing has been pretty freaking embarrassing for the cities participating in these business-style Hunger Games. "How could you not want your 21st Century headquarters to be located in a city named Amazon?".

Cities have until October 19 to send in their pitches to Amazon.

To make the new city of Amazon happen, city officials would ask the DeKalb legislative delegation to propose local legislation to de-annex a portion of the city of Stonecrest during the 2018 or 2019 session of the General Assembly.

The Stonecrest City Council voted Monday to carve out a 345-acre stretch of land inside the town to give Amazon its own city - if the retailer chooses Stonecrest for its second North American headquarters. The area is home to a nature reserve, mall, several schools and a national heritage site, but little else at present - which may cater to Amazon's wishes and a possibility to expand as necessary without incurring the high real estate costs of land in areas such as NY. The retail giant says that its investments in Seattle from 2010 through 2016 resulted in an additional $38 billion to the city's economy.

"I believe we have a good shot at drawing that type of platform", the city's mayor Jason Lary said in a September 18th statement announcing the city's bid. To sweeten the deal, they are taking a page from the Japanese city formerly known as Koromo, renamed since 1959 to Toyota after Toyota Motors which has several manufacturing plants in that area. Georgia also doesn't have the high real estate costs of areas like New York City.

Ramos said Springfield would work with other cities in the region to submit a proposal to Amazon.