Microsoft axes Groove Music service

Microsoft axes Groove Music service

Users can move their playlists and songs to Spotify to keep enjoying it on new music streaming service.

The company has said that it will continue to support playback and management of owned content via the Groove Music app. Instead, Microsoft is partnering with Spotify, and letting users move select Groove Music content to the streaming service.

All users who hold a Groove Music Pass will have the capacity to relocate their records to Spotify in any event until January 31.

Microsoft rebranded its Xbox Music service to Groove Music two years ago with the release of Windows 10 in 2015. Users of Groove Music have been made a request to relocate every one of their playlists and accumulations to Spotify. The new name was taken from the new default music player included with Windows 10, named Groove. And unlike in the past, there isn't another Microsoft-branded service waiting in the wings.

To successfully export your Groove Music selection, you'll need to use the latest version of the app.

Are you a Groove Music Pass subscriber? The company will no longer sell Groove Music passes, and Microsoft will officially pull the plug on Groove on December 31. After that, the migration option will no longer be possible and Microsoft will sunset the Groove Music streaming service for good.

The company will cease offering streaming subscriptions and music purchases on December 31 this year. It's sad to see one more choice bite the dust, but it's also easy to see why Microsoft would bow out.

The caveat being that the updated app will be rolling out to Windows Insiders this week with a general rollout following the week of October 9th.

More information can be found in this FAQ Microsoft prepared about the transition. Groove Music has been languishing for quite some time, as evidenced by regular and aggressive promotions meant to grow the service.

The decision leaves Microsoft as the only major platform owner to not have its own music service.