GM's aggressive all-electric roadmap has 2 EVs in next 18 months

GM's aggressive all-electric roadmap has 2 EVs in next 18 months

Earlier today, General Motors announced its intention to wean itself off of gasoline and fully embrace a future where roads are populated by electric vehicles.

General Motors believes in an all-electric future.

Along with variants of the Bolt, the company showed off three new concept vehicles that included a Cadillac crossover, a Buick-branded SUV, and a futuristic-looking Bolt EV concept auto, which represents GM's first foray into a wild new electric-powered body design.

The Bolt EV is an electric mid-sized hatchback, with a range of 238 miles per charge and a starting price of about $36,000.

"We're serious about battery electric vehicles", she said.

More broadly, GM also drew a clear line in the sand on Monday: Its future is electric. "We feel it's important to have a cross-functional team all the way from defining the strategy plans and implementation to advanced marketing".

The company's long game and commitment to zero emission vehicles includes research into battery technology along with hydrogen fuel cells.

"Although that future won't take place overnight, GM is dedicated to driving increased use and acceptance of electric vehicles through no-compromise options that satisfy our clients' needs". But that doesn't mean that GM's future EVs will look exactly like the Bolt, or even share a similar architecture.

Reuss said that GM would follow the Bolt, which went on sale late past year, with two additional all-electric vehicles by 2018.

Several other automakers have announced they're going big on electric vehicles, perhaps most notably Volvo.

There still isn't a set timeframe for an all-electric portfolio of products, and the company expects to continue making cars and trucks powered by gasoline engines for an indefinite period of time.

Electrification is all the rage in the auto industry, but the cars themselves represent only a tiny fraction of the entire market.

The battery-electric Volkswagen e-Golf racked up only 187 deliveries, its lowest monthly total since March 2016, and the Audi A3 e-tron plug-in hybrid sold only 85 units, its lowest since December 2015, the first month it went on sale in the U.S.

Beyond consumer vehicles, GM also introduced the Silent Utility Rover Universal Superstructure, or SURUS. This involves both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell electric, depending on the unique requirements.

After the GM announcement, a Ford executive told Automotive News it was also on track to roll out 13 new EV models over the next five years.

Apart from eco-friendly motives, changing emission norms across the world and electric vehicles being favoured by customers all-round have spurred companies to join the electric bandwagon.

The world has changed since last month's report on US sales of plug-in electric cars.