OJ Simpson You're Not Welcome in Florida

OJ Simpson You're Not Welcome in Florida

Simpson wants to eat steak and seafood and get a new iPhone, LaVergne told ABC's "Good Morning America".

Simpson testified he had been drinking alcohol the day and night of the raid on memorabilia dealers that led to his arrest and conviction for kidnapping and armed robbery.

In a strongly worded letter, Attorney General Pam Bondi has asked that O.J. Simpson not be relocated to Florida once he is released on parole. The former National Football League star, actor, and TV personality will become one of the 4.6 million people in the United States under "community supervision", bound by multiple restrictions placed on people who had been convicted of a crime-but he will have several significant advantages over most.

"In the case of Mr. Simpson, sound reasons exist for the State of Florida to object to permission being given for his relocation to Florida and for the State of Nevada to honor our objection by denying him such permission", Bondi said in the letter.

Simpson's lawyer Malcolm LaVergne tells The Associated Press that there's "no doubt" Simpson is going to Florida. It's not clear where.

It seems like a belated effort by Florida to put the wheels in motion to keep Simpson out of the state, given that he becomes eligible for release as of Sunday.

Simpson is expected to be released as early as Monday, Oct. 2 from High Desert State Prison outside Las Vegas, according to Nevada Department of Corrections spokeswoman Brooke Keast.

In July, a Nevada parole board made a decision to grant Simpson early release, owing to his reportedly good behavior while behind bars.

The 70-year-old Simpson was approved for parole Thursday after serving nine years of his sentence.

O.J. Simpson wants to serve out his parole in Florida when he is released from prison in the next few days, but at least one high-ranking Sunshine State official wants his residency rejected.

"He's had ideal performance as a prisoner", LaVergne said. "In light of Mr. Simpson's history in California, Nevada, and Florida (discussed below), the same goes for the People of Florida".

In 1994, the former running back and actor was accused of murdering his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman.

Bondi quoted Simpson as saying, "I could easily stay in Nevada but I don't think you guys want me here". But he was found liable for their deaths in a civil case in 1997 and ordered to pay the victims' families US$33.5 million ($46.47m) in compensatory and punitive damages - therefore finding Simpson responsible for the murders.