SpaceX makes big announcement for rocket traveling

SpaceX makes big announcement for rocket traveling

SpaceX also announced its new fully reusable BFR rocket which could eventually be used for worldwide flights on Earth as well besides doing nearly every flight-related activity that the company enrages in or proposes to do, including carrying humans to Mars.

"Probably the most important thing that I want to convey in this presentation is that I think we have figured out how to pay for it", he said. His plans include unmanned missions to Mars in five years and manned space flights by 2024 by scaling up the current SpaceX Flacon 9 rockets, the not-yet-flown Falcon Heavy rocket and the Dragon spacecraft for cargo and crew. All of that resource would then be applied to this system.

Elon Musk will colonise Mars within the next few years, he has said.

The entrepreneur said SpaceX is aiming to land two cargo ships on Mars in 2022 to leave supplies needed for human exploration. The official SpaceX channel on YouTube has also posted a mock video of BFR letting users travel to most destinations on Earth within 30 minutes.

Musk also presented a proposal that SpaceX would fund its rockets by servicing the International Space Station and delivering satellites into orbit. A base on the moon, and regular travel by rocket, anywhere in the world, in less than an hour.

Other suggested routes would take a person from London to Dubai in 29 minutes, but shorter distances (such as from Singapore to Hong Kong) would still take 22 minutes.

"If you build a ship that's capable of going to Mars, what if you take the same ship and go from one place to another on Earth?" he asked an audience at the space travel conference.

Richard Branson has said he wants to ideal a "rocket plane" to transport people between cities on Earth via space.

The week-long annual International Astronautical Congress, which concluded Friday, has seen government space agencies and private firms outline their plans to send humans to the Moon and Mars in the next few decades.

SpaceX, who is now hoping to reach Mars by 2022, have used this vision to present how it could be used in commercial flights of the future. Musk said that he aims to make this happen with customers paying same as what they do for a full fare economy for an aircraft. It'd also be capable of launching satellites, he said, while effectively replacing all of the rockets and spacecraft SpaceX now uses or is developing, making them redundant.