Canadian woman gets eye tattooed and it goes horribly wrong

Canadian woman gets eye tattooed and it goes horribly wrong

Gallinger acknowledged that she should not have trusted the artist, who repeatedly asked her to get the tattoo done, but also said he should not be insisting on performing a sensitive procedure without proper training.

Due to what she describes as a mixture of "undiluted ink, over injection, and not enough/smaller injections sights", the ink-enthusiast's eye had become infected.

However, she revealed that her mental health remains extremely volatile as a result of her experience.

Gallinger has since updated her post to say that while her vision has improved, doctors have told her that she will never regain complete eyesight in the affected eye.

As for her subsequent course and impact on her life, Catt Gallinger points to the costly and painful healing she will follow, while her career in modeling is on hold.

Luna Cobra, the body modification specialist credited for popularizing sclera tattoos, has told Newsweek he thinks they're risky regardless of how careful you are. Cobra spoke to Newsweek following Gallinger's botched surgery, saying that he is now trying to make scleral tattoos illegal. "I would never recommend that this is a good decision".

"I have openly admitted it was mistake to give into the pressure to get it done".

The tattoo has left Gallinger with intense swelling on her eyeball, requiring her to take steroids and antibiotics to try to help the eye heal.

She told the Sun Online that she advises anyone against trying it out.

Although ophthalmologists do occasionally use tattoo ink for medical purposes, such as to reduce glare or corneal scarring, Ziai said the type of process Gallinger underwent bears little resemblance to those approved by the medical profession.

Physicians told Gallenger that her eye has sustained permanent damage and will either have to "go completely or stay a blurry mess".

"She got lucky... It could have been a lot worse", Dr. Ziai said.

She said that she's sharing her story online to educate and warn others.

According to her Facebook post, Gallinger has made multiple trips to the hospital and is now taking medications to begin the process of fixing her eye. However, the 24-year-old's attempt at body art backfired, leaving her partially blind and oozing purple tears.

"I want to keep promoting awareness about this", she said. Image SourceShe took to Facebook to warn people of her ordeal and how everyone should be careful of procedures they choose to undergo.