Massive security vulnerability detected in new Mac operating system

Massive security vulnerability detected in new Mac operating system

The latest MacBook Pro and iMac models with Intel Kaby Lake processors are capable of hardware decoding the codec while older Macs will be able to do it on a software level.

The installation process is pretty simple.

Install macOS High Sierra Over the Air.

MacOS 10.13 High Sierra is also meant to subject the EFI firmware of the Mac to a routine check on a weekly basis and to inform the user of any modifications. The installer is about 5GB in size, so it may take a while to download it, depending on your internet connection.

In the video, Wardle demonstrates a local exploit using an app he built dubbed "keychainStealer". Once all this is done, click on restart.

With its yearly update schedule Apple has already reduced the number of major features added every year and with High Sierra in particular there was more focus on improving the existing feature set rather than adding more.

New file system: If you're running a Mac that uses only a solid state drive, then your system will be converted to Apple's new AFPS file system.

APFS replaces the old-school HFS+ format that Apple has used for years. According to the company, the new File System "providing an extensible foundation to support new features and future storage technologies on the Mac". So far Animoto, Shutterfly and Wix are confirmed Apple partners, with more likely to be added nearer full release. On top of the new features there are security upgrades and fixes for small macOS Sierra bugs that have been annoying users for the previous year.

Other functionalities and improvements include new improved user-interface and editing tools for Photos, Intelligent Tracking Prevention in Safari, and tables creation in Notes, to name a few.

Logging on to Facebook often presents you with an abundance of auto-play videos, which can be annoying if your computer's audio is switched on. There is also a "reader mode" that opens articles in an uncluttered format, without those annoying ads. But the UI doesn't change, apps get only minor updates (when they get them at all), and multiple features continue to be more limited than their iOS counterparts.

To find out which of your iOS apps will cease to function after you upgrade to iOS 11, launch the Settings app and tap GeneralAboutApplications to see a list of incompatible 32-bit apps (requires iOS 10.3 or later).

Apple rolled out its latest operating system for Macs on Monday, which the company sais will improve video streaming qualityand improve stability.