Apple only allows streaming, not download, of upgraded 4K movies

Apple only allows streaming, not download, of upgraded 4K movies

The Apple TV 4K was launched earlier this month by Apple with the powerful A10X Fusion chip found on the iPad Pro, adding support for 4K, HDR (HDR 10 and Dolby Vision) as well as 3D audio. Its processing power is faster, allowing apps to be more responsive and functional, and its remote has been revamped ever so slightly to make it a bit easier to navigate content.

Apple succeeds in its main objective with this upgrade: 4K content looks great, on a 4K television set.

As more and more content transitions to 4K, you will be able to see more of your favorite entertainment in stunning 4K.

The Apple TV 4K will begin shipping in the USA today along with 21 other countries.

You might not be impressed with the Apple TV 4K, but a big change to how iTunes movie rental periods are handled is likely to be much more warmly received.

"The new Apple TV doesn't do much more than streaming boxes that cost nearly $100 less-and in some cases, it doesn't even do as much", he wrote. And at a starting price of $179, is the Apple TV 4K a worthy buy? You can use Siri, by the way, to find 4K content for you on Apple TV. However, those who purchase the new set-top box will be limited in how they can enjoy 4K titles. That said, here's what people are saying about Apple's next-gen Apple TV.

"[The remote is] also mostly the same except for a white ring around the menu button". Indeed, one of the longstanding complaints surrounding the Apple TV is that it costs significantly more than competing products that, more or less, provide the same exact functionality. If it's lower than that, Apple devices will automatically lower the quality.