Iraq Launches Offensive To Retake ISIS Bastion Hawija

Iraq Launches Offensive To Retake ISIS Bastion Hawija

Most recently, the report, At any cost: The civilian catastrophe in West Mosul, detailed violations that had a devastating impact on civilians during the re-taking of Mosul from IS control by Iraqi and coalition forces.

Hours into Thursday's offensive, Iraq said its forces had gained ground against Islamic State.

"They have already suffered horribly under ISIS, water and medicine are running out, with many children reportedly weak and malnourished", the organisation said. "Schools and hospitals have shut down", said Aram Shakaram, Save the Children's Deputy Country Director in Iraq. This resolution will deny that right to many victims and threatens to entrench a risky culture of "victor's justice", which will only serve to fuel further abuses.

The UN's team will respect the sovereignty and jurisdiction of Iraq as they collect evidence to be used in fair and independent criminal proceedings in Iraqi courts. "But, this flawed resolution sends a risky message to all the other parties to the conflict who have also committed serious violations and crimes that they are above justice", said Sherine Tadros, Head of the UN Office in NY for Amnesty International.

"Greetings to all of our forces, who are waging several battles of liberation at the same time and who are winning victory after victory and this will be another, with the help of God", he said.

Mr Abadi said he had launched the assault on Hawija on Thursday morning "in accordance with our commitment to our people to liberate all Iraqi territory and eradicate [IS] terrorist groups" and predicted another victory.

Amnesty International has documented a range of serious violations of international humanitarian law carried out by IS as well as Iraqi government forces, paramilitary militias, and coalition forces in Iraq.

"#ISF launch Hawija operations to #defeatDaesh".

The city of Javea is one of the last territories controlled by jihadists in Iraq.

The area of Hawija is a hotbed of resistance to the authorities in Baghdad since the u.s. invasion in 2003.

Located west of the ethnically divided Kurdish-held city of Kirkuk, Hawija also lies on a fault line of Arab-Kurdish tensions.

Preparations for the offensive in Hawija have been overshadowed by an independence referendum that Kurdish leaders plan to hold on Monday in areas including Kirkuk against the wishes of the federal government in Baghdad.