Ryanair is canceling thousands of flights. Are you affected?

Ryanair is canceling thousands of flights. Are you affected?

Ryanair's announcement last Friday that it would be cancelling up to 50 flights a day for six weeks has created huge uncertainty for its passengers.

It said that it expects to have provided alternative routings or refunds for 95% of its customers by the end of this week.

The airline expects that by close of business today, it will have reaccommodated more than 175,000 passengers on alternative flights and given refunds to another 63,000.

A total of 315,000 people's flights were axed earlier this week after the no frills carrier admitted that a blunder over its pilot rota system meant it had to cancel 2% of its services up to the end of October.

Ryanair's Kenny Jacobs said the company "sincerely apologises" to anybody affected.

Ryanair says it has reached out to all affected customers via email.You can check flight statuses here on their website as well apply for a refund or alternate flight.

Former Prime Minister and Labour MEP Alfred Sant has requested that the European Commission outline what steps it actions it planned to take over flight cancellations by low-priced carrier Ryanair. "We expect to have the vast majority of these completed by the end of this week".

Customers have been taking to the company's social media pages to say they've been cut off when trying to call customer services.

In order to ease the pressure caused by the mass cancellations, Ryanair chiefs are offering pilots a €12,000 "golden handcuff" bonus to waive their annual leave and cover shifts.

The Commission for Aviation Regulation said Ryanair will have to pay compensation to passengers whose flights have been cancelled with less than two weeks' notice.

The airline blames the "mess" on moving from an April-to-March work calendar to a January-to-December one ordered by the Irish Aviation Authority.