IPhone 8, 8 Plus to retail in India from September 29

IPhone 8, 8 Plus to retail in India from September 29

Apple's new iPhone 8 and iPhone X won't support the extended LTE network that T-Mobile spent $8 billion on acquiring from the FCC earlier this year.

Bell also announced it will carry Apple TV 4K, created to deliver a stunning cinematic experience at home. I'm buying the iPhone X next month. There doesn't appear to be any refurbished 32GB iPhone 6s' available at the moment, but even if you get the refurbished 64GB model, you'd be paying $20 less than a brand new 32GB model. They now come with a slightly revamped design, notably a glass back and a new gold finish.

The devices support wireless charging with its separately-sold charging pads. While the Apple Watch Series 3 looks pretty much like its predecessors from the outside, customers now have the choice to add LTE connectivity with a starting price of $399. Likely in France, phablet version is selling out quicker than the 4.7-inch model, while the 64GB iPhone 8 is also the more popular choice for consumers.

Apple, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon take pre-orders via their websites, but your best bet is likely Apple's own Apple Store app for iOS. All go on sale on September 22.

The new iPhone X 256GB variant has crossed the Rs. 1 lakh mark.

Apple's Q4FY2017 results are yet to see iPhone 8 sales estimates for the period. The reason? iPhone has emerged as a primary class marker. Will it be more like the iPhone 7 or the new phones?

Apple has also introduced Bluetooth 5, a feature that will allow the user to play audio through more than one set of wireless headphones simultaneously, allowing playback sharing without the use of adapters. Apple called Face ID the "future" of unlocking devices and protecting data. The iPhone X manages to have a larger screen, at 5.8-inches, but is not as heavy and easier to maneuver. The US price for iPhone 8 is being settled at $699 and for iPhone 8 Plus is $799. Its also sports improved camera of 12-megapixel for the better and detailed photograpghy. On Demand, you can get the 64GB iPhone 8 for $0 down and $29 per month or the 256GB iPhone 8 for $219.99 down and $23 per month. If you are going to order a new Apple Watch Series 3 to purchase from Apple, you should know the compatibility of this watch first.