Asia Minute: Australia's Same Sex Marriage Debate

Asia Minute: Australia's Same Sex Marriage Debate

The automated call purports to be a survey, which asks receivers a series of questions related to the nation's upcoming postal vote on marriage equality, including whether and how the respondent plans to vote.

No matter who you are or who you love, all couples should be treated equally.

A contentious postal survey on same-sex marriage began in Australia Tuesday, with ballots delivered across the vast continent ahead of an expected fractious campaign between the "yes" and "no" sides.

The alarming volume of hate-speech during Australia's ballot over whether to legalise same-sex marriage spurred parliament to pass emergency legislation on Wednesday to outlaw opponents spewing their vitriol while the vote was in progress.

"But personally, I will not support gay marriage". "Mr Shelton is the identified public leader of the 'no" campaign.

A Columbia Law School project collating conversion therapy research found there was "no credible evidence that sexual orientation can be changed through therapeutic intervention" and that there is "powerful evidence that trying to change a person's sexual orientation can be extremely harmful".

Twitter Israel Folau
Twitter Israel Folau

Keeping the marriage act as it is will protect the weakening of marriage as we know it.

And Mr Shorten reiterated his promise that Labor would ignore a "no" vote under any circumstances, and make same-sex marriage legal if it won government.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has come out in support for the "yes" campaign at an event in Sydney on September 10. Joyce, who has been a vocal supporter of marriage equality, has urged Corporate Australia to follow his lead with public support.

"The Business Council has long supported moves towards a fairer and more inclusive society, and I hope the tone of this debate reflects our values of tolerance and respect", Mr King wrote. "These programs are based on a fundamental lie, and are intrinsically homophobic", said Rev Dr Margaret Mayman, Chair of Australian Christians for Marriage Equality in a statement.

"The majority of Australian Christians do not feel represented by the ACL and its exclusionary opinions", he said.

This week, the Australian government sent out a ballot survey by mail to voters, on whether they would want the country to redefine marriage to recognize gay unions.