Cambodia Calls on North Korea to Respect UN Resolutions

Cambodia Calls on North Korea to Respect UN Resolutions

In the latest sanction slapped on the country, the UN Security Council on Monday banned North Korean textile exports, an important source of hard currency, and capped its imports of crude oil.

Pyongyang says it is the time to "annihilate" the U.S. and turn it into "ashes" for initiating the latest round of sanctions. Let's reduce the U.S. mainland into ashes and darkness.

The North has also threatened Washington's allies in the region, vowing to "sink" Japan and "wipe out" South Korea.

North Korea's tests have inched the country closer to producing nuclear-tipped weapons that could one day reach the American mainland.

A recent report by a United Nations panel of experts also found flaws in the enforcement of existing sanctions.

"The four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche", it said, a reference to the regime's ideology of self-reliance. The intrusions followed previous efforts by operators with ties to North Korea to target "bank and the global financial system", the firm said.

The sanctions resolution, adopted in response to the nuclear test this month, was the ninth passed by the Security Council since North Korea's first such test in 2006.

"No matter what others may say, as long as the USA persists in its hostile policy, the DPRK will continue to take steps to beef up its nuclear force to protect the country's sovereignty and the nation's dignity".

"The best deterrence we can have, next to having our own nukes, is to make Kim Jong Un fear for his life", retired South Korean Lt. Gen. Shin Won-sik told The Times. The resolution was drafted by the US.

Russian Federation and China opposed tightening of sanctions against North Korea, including a complete ban on oil export.

President Moon said at the Group of 20 summit in July that assistance in the welfare and medical sectors should not be linked to political situations, citing the issue of malnutrition among North Korean infants.

Prior to the announcement, the United States had originally proposed harsher sanctions directed to the North Koreans, including a total ban on oil imports.

October 2006: North Korea conducts its first nuclear test, immediately prompting a United Nations resolution banning various products to the country and freezing the assets and travel of individuals involved in the nuclear programme.

Together with previous sets of sanctions, which imposed an embargo on coal, iron, fish and seafood exports, North Korea is expected to lose $2.7 billion or about 90 per cent of its sales overseas, according to estimates by the US.