'Not much sleep' for Cambridges as Kate battles severe morning sickness

'Not much sleep' for Cambridges as Kate battles severe morning sickness

Australian royalists have celebrated news Prince William and his wife, the Duchess of Cambridge, are expecting their third child.

Britain's monarchy has ridden a wave of public support in recent years due to the popularity of Prince William, Duchess Kate, and Prince Harry, with the news swiftly making headlines around the world.

But, since she is dealing once again with severe morning sickness, known as Hyperemesis Gravidarum, she is still in her first trimester, no more than 12 weeks along.

The Duchess of Cambridge is now resting at Kensington Palace while she endures her first few months of pregnancy.

The illness forced Middleton, 35, to cancel an engagement Monday morning at the Hornsey Road Children's Center in London.

The order now is as follows: Prince Charles is first in line, followed by Prince William, who is second, and then Prince George, who is third, and Princess Charlotte, who is fourth. Kate is being treated at Kensington Palace in London.

Meanwhile, Queen Elizabeth II and the extended families of both William and Catherine are said to be "delighted with the news".

As a result, the Duchess of Cambridge has had to announce her pregnancies a bit earlier than most doctors recommend, because she is simply unable to attend all of her royal engagements.

With her first two pregnancies, the royal household was compelled to announce the good news before the twelve-week window due to Kate's condition. The child will be fifth-in-line to the throne, with Princess Charlotte remaining fourth even if the infant is a boy thanks to a change in the rules of succession in 2013.

Prince Harry congratulated the couple and said that he is very happy for them. The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting the couple's third child.

Awww congratulations to Will and Kate on their baby news.

It was always believed Kate and William would have three children, as Kate is one of three herself.