Tim Curry Played 'It's' Scary Clown in 1990

Tim Curry Played 'It's' Scary Clown in 1990

We all float down here.

The R-rated movie is based on King's 1986 novel, which focuses on a group of friends in a fictional ME community that battles the small town's demon as kids.

What are your thoughts on the reports about Bill Skarsgard having disturbing dreams following his role as Pennywise in Stephen King's "IT?" The original 1990 miniseries adaptation intertwined the adult characters with the young characters, similar to how the novel tells its story. One year after Georgie's supposed abduction, and the town isn't any closer to solving the case.

One by one, each of the kids experiences Pennywise in a different form.

No adult is ever going to believe that a monstrous circus clown is responsible for the crimes being committed in Derry, so the Losers decide they must be the ones to stop Pennywise.

This is what is at play in "It", a horror flick based on Stephen King's roughly 9,000-page novel (I only slightly exaggerate).

The latest film adaptation of Stephen King's horror classic IT hits theaters this week, and New Line is already moving forward their plans for the sequel.

According to THR, the film is now tracking for a record high of $60 million, following a very disappointing summer movie season.

Stranger Things' Finn Wolfhard envisions Bill Hader playing his wisecracking Richie, while Sophia Lillis wants to see her character Bev Marsh played by Jessica Chastain.

For horror movie aficionados, few movies have the appeal of It.

Proving that people just love being scared shitless, the remake of It, directed by Andrés Muschietti and starring Bill Skarsgard, opened on Thursday and took $13.5 million compared to Deadpool which took $12.7 million in previews past year. As they take matters into their own hands, they realise they have also been haunted by the menacing, shape- shifting Pennywise, who uses their own fears against them.

With the terrifying clown Pennywise at its heart, it is a brilliant adaptation - faithful yet fresh, at once amusing and frightening.

Throughout the beginning of the film, we learn the backstories of every kid, and most importantly, their biggest fear.

"By jumping on the back of the excitement of the movies, we hope people will relate to our films and take on board their safety messages".