Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole by CA board

Manson follower Leslie Van Houten granted parole by CA board

The parole determination will undergo a 150-day review process, at which time it will be reviewed by state officials. If the decision stands, the matter will be sent to office of the Governor who will have 30 days to take one of five options. "He may uphold, reverse, or modify the decision", the state said.

A convicted murderer and follower of Charles Manson is once again on the verge of walking free. "No member of the Manson family deserves parole, ever".

Van Houten is now 68-years-old.

"The victims were all good people", she continued.

In 1977, Van Houten was awarded a retrial which was rendered pointless as the jury could not agree upon a verdict. She was part of the group that entered the LaBiancas' home, and she held Rosemary down while Charles "Tex" Watson stabbed Leno.

Later, she stabbed Rosemary La Bianca over a dozen times in addition to holding a pillowcase over her head as others stabbed her.

While Charles Manson, nor any of his other followers have been granted parole, Leslie might be the first person to obtain it.

Van Houten was both the youngest and also seemingly the most unlikely member of Manson's so-called family. She was convicted in her third trial in 1978 and sentenced to seven years to life in prison.

Members of both the Tate and La Bianca families have argued against parole for Van Houten, or for any Manson follower.

Since she was incarcerated more than 40 years ago, Van Houten has been a model prisoner and earned college degrees.

Prosecutors believe this was part of a plan to incite a race war between white and black people.

Van Houten discussed her childhood with the two panelists: from her parents' divorce when she was 14 to her years as a high school outcast who experimented with LSD at age 15.