Destiny 2's Armor Shaders are Single-Use, and Players are Mad

Destiny 2's Armor Shaders are Single-Use, and Players are Mad

As players note, they feel slightly betrayed as the sequel offers plenty of quality of life improvements while this change feels like a slimy way to drive up microtransactions.

But through all of the praise, there has been one thing that a lot of players are upset about-shaders.

After successfully completing the campaign, players should head to Amanda Holliday.She will give the Sparrow to the player as a reward for completing the game's story mode. Well, better hope you have two more stacks of that same shader in case you ever decide to switch back.

Most of these Engrams turn out to contain only cosmetic items like emotes, shaders, sparrows, spaceships, and ornaments. Destiny 2's shaders allow more customization by coloring individual armor pieces, but they are single-use items. They can also be equipped on your ship and Legendary weapons.

What happens if you get a new set of gear?

In "Destiny 2", this concept still exists but the way it works has changed. With all the media coverage and Bungie's own advertisements and releases, one would think that such change would be disclosed pretty early on.

The top-voted thread on the subject - titled, "Do not spend a SINGLE CENT on micro transactions until shaders become unlimited use" - makes it clear what the problem is: "Shaders being one time use is a deliberate decision to make an aspect of the game worse for the sake of profit". "At that point, why even have them be consumable?" As you are at level 20 you will see that Guardians cannot level up more but they can still earn XP. In essence it takes the Chroma system of cosmetics that was introduced for some armour in the original Destiny after Rise of Iron and spins it out across the whole game with microtransactions.

For those wondering how much all of this is going to cost you, we break down the cost of buying Silver (the in-game currency in Destiny 2) from the PlayStation or Xbox stores.

The look of your character in "Destiny 2" is a major part of the game, and new stuff is a main driving factor in what keeps people playing.