American Red Cross in Indiana lends a hand in Harvey relief

American Red Cross in Indiana lends a hand in Harvey relief

Volunteers from the CT chapter of the American Red Cross continue to be deployed to Texas for disaster relief following Hurricane Harvey.

Mario Bruno, the CEO of the CT and Rhode Island Red Cross said roughly 60 CT volunteers have been deployed for relief efforts and many more are expected to be sent in the coming weeks.

The organization says that are now more than 60 volunteers and staff who have deployed from CT. Would you say that the volunteers that are from here heading down there, and also, the people giving their financial contributions, would you say this is kind of a way to pay it forward? Trailers full of shelter supplies including cots and blankets- enough to support thousands of people-are in Texas. The American Red Cross has also staged additional blood inventory in Dallas. "And you get to know that everyday you're really making a difference", Fanelli said.

Brouillette said she expects the Red Cross's hurricane response efforts to continue on for several months, noting that after its initial work to address individuals' basic emergency needs, it will turn its attention to casework and rebuilding efforts. Our team started planning as long as a week ago Monday, so we've been roughly two weeks.

And while it is a big commitment, Fanelli said volunteers will be in good hands. If people can't volunteer or deploy, Jaggers said they can donate money.

"In terms of what we have raised, it's literally changing by the hour", she said.

Many people affected by the flooding don't have a home to go back to at the moment, so they can barely carry much more than the clothes on their backs. Though Mayo Clinic does not operate campuses in the regions affected by the hurricane, as a member of the global community, Mayo offers its support to these victims through this donation to the American Red Cross.

The best way to ensure your donation will go to a specific disaster is to write the specific disaster name in the memo line of a check.