Some Facebook and Instagram users are experiencing outages

Some Facebook and Instagram users are experiencing outages

Users were unable to login to their accounts while some faced issues with sharing pictures or other posting statuses.

Both Facebook and Instagram are down for many users this morning.

The outage appears to be affecting the Facebook owned Instagram, as well. Facebook had in 2012 acquired Instagram for around United States dollars 1 billion. A Facebook spokesperson told The Verge in an email that "a technical issue", was the cause of the issue, and that the company is "currently restoring service for everyone". "If Twitter has a meltdown and crashes, where do we go???" The error had left users across the globe unable to share links or post articles on their pages. Facebook was back up in the Los Angeles area shortly after 7 a.m.

While Instagram users were the minority, there was an even more elite group: the unaffected users.

If you woke up Saturday and jumped on to your computer or phone to check out what's happening on Facebook, you may have had some trouble.

The astonishing fact is the problem doesn't happen to all the users around the globe.

The issues seem to be mostly resolved, so luckily Facebook/Instagram users won't have to stress out for much longer.