Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is Already Sold Out

Xbox One X Project Scorpio Edition is Already Sold Out

It seems Walmart might be the last major retailer still accepting preorders, but then they have a shipping date of early December, whereas everyone else is shipping in November.

In an interview with Eurogamer, Xbox executive Mike Ybarra confirmed that the vertical stand will indeed be sold separately. "We designed the Project Scorpio Edition for fans to celebrate both our heritage and the power and precision that we are bringing into our future". That message would have been a lot more effective were it not for the fact that much of it consisted of statements we've heard from the company again and again for years now.

From a sheer technical perspective, there is nothing wrong with the Xbox One X. It's more powerful than its competition, it includes several 4K-related features that systems like the PlayStation 4 Pro do not, and even its $500 price point is reasonable from a price for performance perspective. The Xbox One X was first announced at E3 2016. And a special version of the 1TB Xbox One S was unveiled too - a console bundle that will get Minecraft fans a-frothing.

Though it's not an entirely unexpected bit of news, Microsoft cleared up a little bit of potential confusion surrounding the vertical stand for the Xbox One X. Xbox One X enhanced games will support 4K televisions that also have HDR10 color contrast for more life-like visuals.

If you really have your heart set on this special edition, keep in mind that some gamers could end up changing their minds and canceling their orders, making a few Scorpio Editions available for preorder, so keep an eye on those preorder pages.

Exodus, there are numerous Grade A releases coming for the console and indeed all Xbox One machines.