Trump tells Guam Governor 'you are safe'

Trump tells Guam Governor 'you are safe'

"Mr. President, as the governor of Guam and as an American citizen, I have never felt more safe or confident with you at the helm", Governor Calvo told President Trump.

The governor praised Mr Trump's handling of the latest escalation of tensions with North Korea, that saw Pyongyang threaten last week to target Guam, a USA territory, with four ballistic missiles.

The telephone call between the Guam Governor and President Trump was filmed and posted to Eddie Calvo's Facebook page.

"I just wanted to pay my respects, and we are with you 1,000 percent".

"And your tourism, I can say this, your tourism is going to go up like tenfold with the expenditure of no money, so I congratulate you".

Eddie, I have to tell you, you've become extremely famous. During the conversation Trump also noted how much everyone around the world is talking about and focused on Guam after the missile attack threats by North Korea. It just looks like a handsome place. It looks handsome, you know I'm's such a big story in the news.

During the phone call Mr Calvo laments criticism of Mr Trump, saying "from a guy that's being targeted, we need a president like you". We are with you 1,000 percent.

The president responded, "You just went to 110, I think". North Korea quickly replied by leveling threats against Guam, a USA territory with a heavy military presence which sits about 2,100 miles from the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. The U.S. territory has a population of 160,000, and is around 2,200 miles southeast of North Korea.

It said White House Chief of Staff John Kelly spoke with Calvo separately during an earlier call.

Trump continues, "This is between you and I, but you don't talk like they talk, you can't do that, and you can't do that with people like us".

"The U.S. President at [golf] links again let out a load of nonsense about 'fire and fury, ' failing to grasp the ongoing grave situation", a commander of the North Korean army said, as reported by CNN.