Tamil Nadu Power Struggle May End With Merger As AIADMK Removes Dinakaran

Tamil Nadu Power Struggle May End With Merger As AIADMK Removes Dinakaran

Sasikala is now in jail; she had appointed Dinakraran the party's deputy general secretary just before being imprisoned.

Meanwhile, the faction headed by former Chief Minister Panneerselvam moved the Election Commission seeking a declaration that Sasikala's appointment as General Secretary and her subsequent appointment of Dinakaran as Deputy General Secretary was "null and void". On the other hand, EPS knows that if he loses the CM position, Kongu community would be thrown out of the party by Team OPS and Sasikala's family and hence the dilemma. Also, their political future has been hanging in balance after the Election Commisssion recognised their split but froze the "two leaf" poll symbol of the AIADMK following their competing claims.

While this is a significant step in healing the rift with the breakaway faction led by former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister O Panneerselvam (OPS), senior leaders in the breakaway faction described the resolution as a half measure. 'Workers confused'The source said the pressure was working on both the EPS and OPS factions.

"They are saying something outside and have stated something different in the affidavit furnished with the EC", Dinakaran said, adding that such attitude was similar to "cheating" and both his and Sasikala's appointment and all office-bearers they had brought in were valid and as per the AIADMK's laws. Dinakaran is the nephew of the jailed general secretary V K Sasikala.

EPS had no choice but to act now for two reasons - one, to keep Dinakaran at bay so that the party apparatus was still with him and two, to woo back OPS, who reportedly is backed by the BJP and the centre. She is barred from contesting an election for the next 10 years.

"Officially, EPS has 123 MLAs, just five more than the minimum number 118". Although nobody knows the depth of their resources, it may be easily surmised that they are in it for the long haul because they don't have another choice.

Amid speculation that merger talks with the rebel O Panneerselvam camp has reached final stages, the Amma faction of the AIADMK met at the party headquarters in Chennai. "Anyway, this is not going to help the party or the government", the MLA said.