20 killed in Egypt train collision

20 killed in Egypt train collision

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Footage on the state broadcaster showed one train had partly keeled over in the crash, and medics were seen moving the dead and injured to ambulances. One resident, Hoda, was standing on her rooftop when she saw the trains plow into each other.

Egypt's railway authority said an express train had crashed into the second train near the Khurshid station on the Cairo-to-Alexandria line.

Assistant health minister Sharif Wadi told state television that most of the injured had been taken to hospital. He ordered an immediate investigation.

Train accidents are common in Egypt.

The probe, however, did not prevent further accidents.

That accident came months after a train carrying military conscripts derailed, killing 17 people, and nearly a year after 47 schoolchildren were killed when a train crashed into their bus.

Another train derailment in Badr Rashin in Giza killed at least 19 people in 2013.

Egyptians have long complained that successive governments failed to enforce basic safeguards for the railways, leading to a string of fatal crashes. It was the country's deadliest rail accident in more than a decade. It is not yet known what caused the two trains to collide.