Zuma Survives, South Africa ETF Sinks

Zuma Survives, South Africa ETF Sinks

At the media briefing with other opposition parties outside Parliament on Monday afternoon, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema told the media that they had lobbied ANC members, encouraging them to vote Zuma out of office.

Zuma has survived at least five parliamentary votes to remove him from office since he assumed the presidency in 2009, but Tuesday's vote is the first secret ballot vote.

Earlier this year, a public prosecutor has declared he should appoint judge-led inquiry into allegations Zuma profiteered from his relationship with wealthy Gupta family who are accused of trying to influence political decision.

The motion of no confidence was defeated by 198 votes versus 177, according to Bloomberg figures.

Mr Zuma denies any wrongdoing. The move sent the nation's currency into a tailspin and prompted two credit ratings agencies to downgrade South Africa to junk status.

Protesters started to fill the streets of Cape Town, where South Africa's parliament is located, from the morning, with banners urging legislators to "Fire Zuma". He has survived several motions of no confidence before, although the previous ones were by an open vote, and has dealt with accusations of corruption.

Opposition parties had brought the no-confidence motion in April after Mr Zuma fired a respected finance minister, Pravin Gordhan, and his deputy, and replaced them with ministers seen as inexperienced and pliable.

Mbete had, in an eleventh hour decision, allowed voting by secret ballot, which in all likelihood emboldened ruling party MPs to defy a three-line whip and vote in favour of the motion.

Confident from Tuesday's vote of no confidence, Maimane said dissolving Parliament was needed for a "fresh start" in removing a "illegitimate government".

"They believe they could use technicalities in parliament to take over the the majority from the ANC. That's why we need fresh elections and a fresh mandate", he said.

Had he lost, he and his entire cabinet would have had to step down.

Mthembu noted that this outcome indicates that more than 25 ANC MPs voted with the opposition. Some longtime party members and anti-apartheid activists have openly called on Zuma to go.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance party said after the vote that "the majority of the ANC have chosen corruption, looting" over the country's interests.