PS4 Firmware Update 5.0 to Reportedly Add 1080p 60fps Twitch Streaming Support

PS4 Firmware Update 5.0 to Reportedly Add 1080p 60fps Twitch Streaming Support

First details on the recently announcedurogamer, which obtained a copy of the update's release notes.

Next is the changes to following user accounts, which is now limited to only official or developer accounts.

Players will have the ability to block users, as well as the option to choose whether or not they want anyone or just existing friends to be able to follow their account.

PlayStation 4's upcoming firmware update 5.0 will allow PS4 Pro owners to stream via Twitch at 1080p and 60fps. This part of the update though will limited to PS4 Pro owners.

Reported by Eurogamer, Sony's 5.0 update for the PS4 is going to be pretty thick with interesting changes that are focused on sharing content and building upon that community.

This way folks won't have to send a friend request to be verified, and it won't affect friend limits. So if you have a bigger family with kids at different ages, a parent will be able to set up individual restrictions, and spending limits per child.

As of yet, we don't know when firmware update 5.0 will arrive.

There will be a new web application to manage family accounts, and access parental controls/family membership options from your PC and smartphone.

These include the addition of a new quick menu which eliminates the need to go back to your home screen for notifications.

In a small but welcome change, notifications and upload/download statuses can be seen from the Quick Menu that's accessed by holding the PlayStation button.

There are more changes coming to the PS4 Pro, such as support for new languages: Czech, Thai, Greek, Indonesian, Vietnamese, Romanian and Hungarian.

Behind the scenes, Sony will add support for bundle and compilation discs, with or without add-ons, and discs which support games and add-ons (such as in a Game of the Year Edition) which don't need developers to rework any code.

Also included in the Playstation 4 5.0 update is various interface improvements.