President Trump's childhood home - now for rent on Airbnb

President Trump's childhood home - now for rent on Airbnb

It seems that way: According to the Times-Ledger, the house appeared recently on the short-term rental site, with a $725/night asking price.

The Queens, N.Y. residence contains 17 beds and 3.5 bathrooms, and can accommodate more than 16 people.

While new owners have long since taken over, the bungalow embraces Trump-centric decor to attract visitors who want to spend a night in the same space the president once did.

The Tudor-style home on Wareham Place listed as Trump's address on his birth certificate and where his family lived until he was around four years old, was leased to an undisclosed renter for $4,000 a month, $500 over the asking rent.

"There is a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room", the listing reads.

Forget trying to wangle your way into Trump Tower's golden elevator - now visitors to NY can book a stay in the U.S. president's childhood home through Airbnb.

Staying in the President's former home will set you back $725 a night.

Misha Hagani, the principal of Paramount Realty USA, confirmed the listing's authenticity in an interview with Newsday.

The posting also includes pictures of the inside of the house, showing framed photographs of the president hanging on walls and placed on pieces of furniture.

"The operator of the Airbnb listing is someone I know and they contacted me to tell me that this is what their plan is", Hagani said.

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