Trump touts his base as 'getting stronger,' though polls show it weakening

Trump touts his base as 'getting stronger,' though polls show it weakening

"I just hope the final determination is a truly honest one, which is what the millions of people who gave us our big win in November deserve and what all Americans who want a better future want and deserve", Trump said at a rally in West Virginia last week. And of course, Trump didn't pass up the opportunity to try to discredit the Justice Department investigation into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russian Federation to influence the outcome of the 2016 presidential election.

So, this is not the behavior of an innocent man, but someone who appears to be guilty.

39% of respondents said that Trump could manage the government effectively, while 59% said that he couldn't.

Special Counsel Bob Mueller's convening of a Washington-based grand jury set off alarms on Friday - but Trump quickly bounced back with a surprise United Nations vote to put harsher sanctions on North Korea. Attorney General Jeff Sessions can not do it because he earlier recused himself.

He then played a clip from an interview Rosenstein did with Fox News Sunday's Chris Wallace, which he insisted that Mueller's investigation isn't a fishing expedition.

The numbers are abysmal and signal an all-time low, which has prompted MSNBC's Morning Joe crew to casually mull over whether Trump should be "on 24-hour suicide watch" - a gruesome thought if there ever was one. Plus, Congress had voted unanimously to approve Mueller's appointment since it so highly regards his integrity. ".trump.200.days.v2.pdf">CNN said, since it began polling.

Jimmy Fallon also reflected on Trump, saying his vacation is not a vacation.

President Donald Trump shares a laugh with (clockwise from left) Ms.Seema Verma, Administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Secretary Tom Price, U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, and Vice President Mike Pence on. In fact, he lays that out as good business strategy in his book, The Art of the Deal. Movement back to USA!' the president said in a Friday tweet.

The use of a grand jury, a standard prosecution tool in criminal investigations, suggests that Mueller and his team of investigators are likely to hear from witnesses and demand documents in the coming weeks and months.

Mr. Trump easily won the crowded New Hampshire primary in the 2016 GOP nomination race, helping him rebound from a second-place finish in the Iowa caucuses to Sen. I doubt it will work.

Trump, who during the campaign claimed he wouldn't have time to play golf during his presidency and slammed former President Barack Obama throughout his tenure in the White House for golfing, has now taken more than 40 trips to golf courses since Inauguration Day, as Newsweek previously reported.