Mobile targets seniors with new $60 unlimited plan

Mobile targets seniors with new $60 unlimited plan

At $60 a month for two lines, T-Mobile's new plan seriously undercuts its rivals - even carriers who specifically court seniors such as Consumer Cellular. T-Mobile said other carriers "give empty nesters no choice but to pay almost 60 percent more per line when the kids move out and off the wireless plan".

This plan includes unlimited talk, text and data as well as other T-Mobile ONE benefits.

Read the full article on GeekWire. They will not only get unlimited calling and texting but also unlimited data.

Seniors represent a unique business opportunity for wireless companies because they use their phones less than younger subscribers and tend not to watch as much YouTube or upload video clips. It offers two lines of unlimited data for $60.

The new plan, representing half off the standard price of $120 for two lines, starts August 9 for consumers over age 55, Bellevue-based T-Mobile said Monday in a statement.

"When this generation was getting their first phones, AT&T and Verizon were the only real options-and the Duopoly has been taking advantage of them ever since", said T-Mobile CEO John Legere in the press release.

It's hard to argue with accusations of "senior" AT&T and Verizon plans patronizing today's "modern, mobile adults", who like to spend nearly the same amount of time on their smartphones as "Gen Xers and Millennials".

It costs $50 for one line and $10 for the second, and the company claims that it will be checking IDs to make sure that users are 55 or older. This is after factoring in the Autopay discount, which amounts to $5 per line. That's half the price of T-Mobile's normal service.

AT&T's "Senior Nation" plan for people 65 or older offers 200 anytime minutes and 500 night and weekend minutes, but no data.