ANC to march in KwaDukuza tomorrow in support of Zuma

ANC to march in KwaDukuza tomorrow in support of Zuma

The South African Council of Churches (SACC) has implored MPs to rise above party politics and uphold the interests of their constituencies when taking part in the vote of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

"National Assembly Speaker Ms Baleka Mbete will address the media on the voting procedure to be followed when the motion of no confidence in the president of the Republic is debated on August 8", said Mothapo in a statement. "The people of South Africa also look to parliament for signals of hope", Ms Mbete, a long-time Zuma ally, said before announcing her decision.

Mthembu accused Julius Malema, a former protege of Zuma who now leads the far-left Economic Freedom Fighters party, of wishful thinking for saying more than 60 ANC members in parliament will back the no-confidence vote.

In June, the nation's highest court said it was up to the speaker of parliament to decide whether the vote could be done by secret ballot.

"The secret ballot gives an opportunity for members regardless of the political party they come from, to freely and fairly exercise their consciences, particularly those who have been intimidated, threatened and those offered bribes". So if you are an ANC member and you were scared, you saw it's possible with Baleka.

While there is mounting disgruntlement with the ANC over Zuma's leadership and his immersion in a succession of scandals, the party says it will resolve its leadership issues internally and won't allow its lawmakers to side with the opposition to bring down Zuma's administration. "And not subject them to the will of one person", said Maimane.

"The Speaker must maintain and preserve the order of and the proper decorum in the House and uphold the dignity and good name of the House".

No matter what the Speaker's decision is on the secret ballot, we will march in our thousands to show our support for removing corruption in all its forms.

The main opposition Democratic Alliance party urged ANC lawmakers to vote Zuma out.

While there is a three-line whip for the debate‚ there could, however, be absentees due to illness and overseas travel - and two ANC MPs who have died‚ which could affect the outcome.