Dallas Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's Dog Stolen, Held For Ransom

Dallas Cowboys WR Lucky Whitehead's Dog Stolen, Held For Ransom

Blitz is a pit bull and the proud canine pet of Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead.

According to Whitehead, Blitz was stolen from his home last Sunday while he was out of town.

Whitehead asked his Instagram followers to contact him if they know anything about his dog's whereabouts. He also posted a message saying the dog was home safe with its owner, which Whitehead also says is now the case.

He then went on to claim he didn't steal the dog (again, this is NSFW), but that he bought it and was simply asking for his money back.

Whitehead's house was apparently broken into, and Blitz was taken.

A Dallas Cowboys football player is dealing with an offseason crisis.

The reunion came almost 24 hours after Whitehead first broke the news on Instagram that his dog had been stolen.

Whitehead said he refused to pay the $10,000, but told the thieves he would give them "some cash", which they indicated they would accept. "It's killing me just because I wasn't there to protect him".

Whitehead said he's had Blitz for nine weeks and got the dog shipped from San Diego.

Whitehead said a detective told him that a "burner" phone couldn't be traced.

Hopefully he is returned safely soon.

But no matter what else, "I just want the dog back". While the Cowboys receiver took to Snapchat to share the news, Boogotti shared the video on Instagram with a caption that was half-apologetic half-plugging his new mixtape (WARNING: Caption contains NSFW language). He said the caller said he would call back "but I haven't heard from him since".