Ann Coulter Rages At Delta For Booting Her From Reserved Airplane Seat

Ann Coulter Rages At Delta For Booting Her From Reserved Airplane Seat

"It appears her new seat was in the same row, just not the exact seat she had selected", a Delta spokesman said Sunday morning. Coulter shared photos of the passenger who was given the seat she had booked, and that of a flight attendant, with her approximately 1.6 million followers.

Ann Coulter went on a Twitter rant, declaring Delta "the worst airline in America" for moving her from an aisle seat to a window in the same row.

The conservative author spent her weekend raging on Twitter against Delta Air Lines Inc. She also suggested that an ideal job for a Delta employee is an East German policeman or a prison guard. She has also been retweeting past negative stories involving Delta.

As Coulter persisted in chiding Delta Airlines, social media users started to weigh in on the situation.

The six-foot-tall Coulter had booked an aisle seat for the extra legroom during the flight from NY to Palm Beach, Florida.

The airline responded to the tweets Sunday evening, saying it would refund her $30. "Her actions are unnecessary and unacceptable", it read.

On Saturday, July 15, Ann Coulter was subjected to her very own airline seating misfortune after which she revoked her rating of United as "the worst airline in America" and gave the title instead to Delta Airlines.

"Delta expects mutual civility throughout the entire travel experience", the statement said.

Delta claimed that pre-boarding confusion was "inadvertently" to blame for Coulter's seating shift while the airline was trying to meet the needs of multiple passengers requesting extra leg room. "Here's the woman given my PRE-BOOKED seat", she wrote.

Here is what reportedly happened: Coulter was flying to West Palm Beach, Florida, from New York's LaGuardia airport when she changed her originally booked window seat to an aisle on the same exit row within 24 hours of the departure. Delta said its customers had complied, the flight departed without incident and crew members did not report any problems.