China Sends Forces to 1st Military Base Abroad

China Sends Forces to 1st Military Base Abroad

China began construction of a logistics base in strategically located Djibouti a year ago that will resupply naval vessels taking part in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions off the coasts of Yemen and Somalia, in particular.

"The Global Times", a newspaper which often takes a nationalist tone, said that the new facility was indeed a military base.

As expected, on the basis of the will refuel naval vessels that participate in peacekeeping and humanitarian missions off the coast of Yemen and Somalia. In the African country is the largest American military base on the continent, and increasing Chinese presence in the region the USA considers a threat to its interests.

While Xinhua said in a report today, as reported by Reuters, that Beijing's ships had departed from Zhanjiang "to set up a support base in Djibouti", Global Times in an editorial said "there could be no mistake that this was in fact a military base". China is expanding its military ties across Africa in recent African continent, China has already deployed more than 2,500 Chinese combat-ready soldiers and police officer in UN Peacekeeping mission which has raised concerns of "ulterior motives", while Chinese media has said that the new naval base was about protecting its own security and "not about seeking to control the world".

"So China's naval base, while serving China's purposes first, is also part of that message to Africa, saying, 'We're here for the long-term'. Why do some Western countries make carping comments about China's first overseas base, while they already have many?" This is being seen as a major step forward for the country's expansion of its military presence overseas.

In the neighboring Somalia fighting did not stop for many years, and Yemen, which is located approximately 20 miles from Djibouti, is now also in a state of conflict.

The establishment of the PLA Djibouti base was a decision made by the two countries after friendly negotiations and accords with the common interest of the people from both sides at heart, according to the PLA navy.

The new naval base of China in Djibouti is being taken as a direct threat to USA and India.

There's one very valuable asset that Djibouti possesses that's of prime concern to global military powers: It's location. The Chinese may maintain about 10,000 troops and two warships at this base.

The Djibouti is likely to raise concerns in the United States as the military base of China is pretty near to Camp Lemonnier which is Pentagon's largest installation. They were referring to the projection of American power in the region. Not officially confirmed information that the Chinese database can be opened in the small port town of Obock in Djibouti, where a small military targets Americans. Africa, in turn, supplies to China natural resources, energy and minerals. China is the main trading partner of Africa since 2008. It has invested over $500 million to build the Djibouti portion of a railway line to the capital Adis Ababa in neighboring Ethiopia.