Iraq, US-Led Coalition Violated International Law in Mosul

Iraq, US-Led Coalition Violated International Law in Mosul

The rights group said in a report that the Islamic State militant group had flagrantly violated that same law by deliberately putting civilians in harm's way to shield their fighters and impede the advance of Iraqi and coalition forces.

"IS also summarily killed hundreds if not thousands of men, women and children as they attempted to flee and hanged their bodies in public areas".

Abadi delayed officially declaring the liberation of Mosul on Sunday because a pocket of resistance remained in the Old City, on the western bank of the River Tigris. Mohamed, from al-Tenak neighbourhood in west Mosul, told Amnesty: "The strikes targeted the ISIS snipers".

Looking at your new report about the humanitarian catastrophe during the battle for Mosul I think it does not come as a surprise to the average reader that the fighters of the so-called "Islamic State" (IS) were committing flagrant violations of human rights and global norms.

The Mosul-born singer, who left Iraq in the early 90s after the Gulf War and has continually avoided discussing the country's politics, praised Iraqis for uniting against the "force of evil and darkness and enemies of life". Stuck between the Islamic State and the USA -led coalition airstrikes propelling the campaign to save them, many said they had spent weeks with barely any food or water.

The fear of being killed by ISIS while escaping meant that many civilians had to wait until military clashes reached their peak.

That final push poses significant danger to civilians in the area, whom the jihadists may use as human shields.

The UN official noted that there have also been allegations of human rights violations and abuses by the Iraqi and associated forces, as well as by individuals taking revenge against captured IS fighters or people accused of supporting them. Entire families have been killed in these operations, and numerous bodies remain under the rubble to this day.

Al-Abadi alluded to the brutality of the battle for Mosul - Iraq's longest yet in the fight against IS - saying the triumph had been achieved "by the blood of our martyrs". They hit so many houses.

In response to the report, a Ministry of Defence spokesman said: "As operations to defeat Daesh in Iraq and Syria intensify, the RAF continues to provide precision close air support to ground forces engaged in hard urban combat". It's not credible and it's not good enough.

"The MoD should set up a proper process for investigating what its airstrikes are actually doing on the ground".

The report said some cases appeared to have constituted disproportionate attacks.