Gas prices widely dropping below $2 in Gwinnett

Gas prices widely dropping below $2 in Gwinnett

The average price for fuel in Valdosta Sunday was $2.10 a gallon, down six cents from seven days earlier, according to the AAA Daily Fuel Gauge Report.

The auto club is predicting that prices should continue declining this week and set a new 2017 low. A Shell station on Main Street in Snellville posted a price of $1.98, and four stations in Lilburn were under $2. That's significantly lower than the average of $2.23 last week and $2.52 a year ago. That's 20 cents less than the year's highest price, $2.47, on April 21, and just one cent more than the year's low, $2.26, on March 20.

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Average retail gas prices in Miami also took a dive, mimicking the state's 15-day streak of price dips. High oil production rates in the USA and lower demand could lead to gas prices continuing to fall through the end of June. The average price in Florida averaged $2.27, a drop of 6 cents from the previous week. American motorists are the big winners here, as they fill their tanks for a summer road trip.

North Dakota broke several longtime record lows last year, and June appears to be the first time a longstanding record was broken this year.

The national average was higher than the state's at $2.29 on Monday. Prices across North Dakota were a few cents cheaper than a month ago. Once that happens, the national average would be the lowest since December 2016.

"Oil and gas prices would rise if either of these develop into a major storm, move into the Gulf of Mexico, and threaten supply coming from refineries along the Gulf Coast", Jenkins said. As the summer vacation season heats up, Roseville and Rocklin area residents are seeing low prices push back toward the $2.60 per gallon level for regular unleaded.

Pittsburgh-area gasoline is higher than in most of the country.