Ward stops Kovalev in eight to win rematch

Ward stops Kovalev in eight to win rematch

Rigondeaux improved to 18-0 with 12 knockouts, while Flores, of Mexico, dropped to 25-1, with 17 KOs.

All week Kovalev had said he lost last November's decision because he was overtrained. And he's like right now, "oh yeah I beat the Kovalev, but he won with empty Kovalev". The challenger, Kovalev is a man from another time as well as another place.

When pressed about the low blows, Ward stated, "God bless you man..." I have a lot of respect for Kovalev. "My right and my left are going to do my talking for me". [Kovalev] got hit with three low blows, four actually, in the last round. The finishing scene occurred in slow motion, a right hook to Kovalev's jaw wobbled his legs and caused an eruption from Ward's fan base. Both fighters had their moments. Kovalev continues to be the aggressor.

So they tested each other, and on Saturday, they'll do it again. Another left by Ward connects. near the bell.

The action is heating up. There is no discussion, the right hand is what got it started. Weeks talks to the fighters.

"I have never been the most talented, I have never been the biggest, I just keep knocking down giants one by one", said Ward.

But by the end of the first fight, both boxers were clearly fighting for a decision win and neither was looking for the finish. Another round for Ward. 2-2.

Authoritative revenge Tony wicks did not notice violations of the ward, and the complete lack of resistance from Kovalev forced the judge to fix defeat by TKO. Ward then began pounding Kovalev to the midsection again, and Kovalev bent over helplessly.

Another barrage to the body was enough for Weeks, whose early intervention deprived Ward of the opportunity to add an exclamation mark to his performance. Things have swung his way at this point.

What Kovalev, of Russian Federation, needs to do is figure out how to get through Ward's defense, period. Ward's style frustrated "Krusher" early and often, reducing him to being able to land only single blows for much of the contest and slowly depleting his gas tank.

When asked what's next for the undefeated Ward, he said he will possibly move to cruiserweight, or heavyweight.

In the sixth it was the Russian who looked downstairs as he upped the pace, but Ward rode it out and the warning signs were there in the seventh as Kovalev started blowing hard. Another round for Ward. "It is insane. I want another fight with him". Kovalev doubled over in an effort to sway Weeks into calling a halt for illegal punches, but the veteran third man deemed them legal and chose to waive off the fight, much to Kovalev's dismay. For three straight times, Ward hit Kovalev bellow the allowed area.

Two fights with Andre Ward have not only tamed Kovalev.

As expected Andre Ward was all smiles and thanked God for the victory while Sergey Kovalev took exception to the low blows that ultimately decided the outcome of the fight.