Grenfell Tower fire: Police say 58 people are missing and presumed dead

Grenfell Tower fire: Police say 58 people are missing and presumed dead

The death toll in the high-rise tower blaze in Britain's capital soared to 30, police said Friday as they also warned that some of the victims may never be identified.

The residence is believed to have had as many as 600 people inside it when the fire broke out on one of the lower floors.

He said police will release images and video from inside the tower tomorrow, pending the approval of Grenfell families. A larger crowd of people remained outside. "People lost their lives on Tuesday". Several dozen police, including mounted officers, were in attendance. You can see the comparison here.

Stuart Cundy speaking to media as the destroyed Grenfell Tower looms in the background.

Protesters storm Kensington Town Hall after the fatal fire. The death toll is still expected to rise substantially. "They feel the Government and local council haven't done enough to help them in the aftermath of this horrific incident, or to provide answers to their increasingly urgent questions".

There is simmering anger in the multi-ethnic north Kensington area hit by the blaze, and public fury has been directed at senior government figures, including May, who was jeered Friday after she visited.

Her second visit ended with jeers from local residents whose frustration was confounded when the PM was quickly ushered into a vehicle after visiting a local church where help was being organised. "You have to be prepared to receive people's emotions, and not be so frightened about people", former Conservative cabinet minister Michael Portillo told the BBC.

The meeting is unlikely to quell complaints that May has been slow to reach out to fire survivors, despite her announcement of a $6.4 million emergency fund to help the displaced families.

The use of flammable cladding in tall buildings is banned in some countries, including the United States and Germany.

"People were telling them to stay in the building but they had hope because they listened".

They met volunteers, local residents and community representatives while visiting Westway Sports Centre in west London, near the burnt down 24-storey Grenfell Tower.

Speaking on Friday evening, Mrs May said: "Everyone affected by this tragedy needs reassurance that the Government is there for them at this awful time - and that is what I am determined to provide".

Emergency workers walk on the roof of the fire-gutted Grenfell Tower in London on Friday.

Some desperate residents pleaded to speak to the queen and her grandson about their plight and the fate of missing children as they left the site, with William promising he would return.

Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton encouraged surviving residents to report themselves to authorities so they are known to be safe.

A demonstrator holds up a sign during the protest.

The investigation team will be drawn together from detectives from across the Metropolitan Police, led by Detective Chief Inspector Matt Bonner of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, and will establish if a crime was committed before confirming what caused the tragedy.