Anniversary of the death of Jo Cox MP

Anniversary of the death of Jo Cox MP

From June 16 to 18 June the event will bring communities together to celebrate being with friends, family and spending time outdoors - all the things that Mrs Cox loved.

Rev Paul Knight of her hometown in Birstall told Premier that people should remember Cox's message of community harmony.

Now Cox has channeled Jo's ethos and dedication to public service by organizing a movement he's called "The Great Get Together" to share her "More in Common" philosophy.

"Not only did it give us a focal point for our Get Together, it also means that staff can use it for lunch breaks which is good for their wellbeing, as it gets them away from their ward or computer". "For us, as a family, that's the best thing we can have".

"Isn't it interesting actually, the person that murdered Jo Cox, who shouted political slogans as he murdered her, isn't seen or held up as somehow representing a bigger community and yet people who commit those kinds of acts, telling us that they are doing it in the name of Islam, we allow them sometimes to get away with demonising a whole community".

"She was the type of MP I still aspire to be".

"Everyone got into the spirit of it and we met new people we hadn't met before".

Mr Cox said his wife's murder "aimed to divide communities but has instead brought them together". We didn't think it would have anything like the scale and the traction that it's had.

He was joined by Sir John Major, Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and David Cameron, former prime ministers from opposing parties who came together to highlight the role Jo played in showing people what they had in common.

"Politics at the moment is so divisive". His wife, British lawmaker Jo Cox, had been attacked.

"And with The Great Get Together, what we've got is a reason to come together that isn't a bad reason".

"With almost 3,000 staff we have our own community here at Airedale, but don't often get the chance to come together and have a chat. The important thing is that it will be a lot of fun, and will, hopefully, play its part in reminding us all of the values that make this country such a great place to live".

"What you see when those disgusting things happen is that people do come together and we see the best of community spirit", she said.