UK Parliament opening date set, suggesting Tory deal reached

UK Parliament opening date set, suggesting Tory deal reached

The State Opening of Parliament and Queen's Speech will take place next Wednesday, Commons leader Andrea Leadsom has announced. The delay comes as the United Kingdom grapples with political uncertainty after last week's inconclusive election cast doubt on Prime Minister Theresa May's ability to stay in office or govern effectively.

Mrs May was due to hold talks on Thursday with other Northern Ireland political parties amid fears the Government's relationship with the DUP could undermine the peace process.

Talks continue with the DUP, a Sky News report said.

He explained that the two parties are both committed to delivering Brexit, fighting terrorism, preserving the United Kingdom and boosting economic prosperity, giving a clue as to what will be included.

Colum Eastwood, the leader of the nationalist SDLP, said the government needed to "prove to the rest of us that they are not under the thumb of the DUP".

Tories have made clear since last week's election that their discussions with the DUP revolve around assurances of support in key Commons votes, rather than a full coalition.

It was delayed after May's Conservatives lost their majority in the Commons in the June 8 election.

It is expected that a "confidence and supply" arrangement will be agreed, and the DUP is likely to vote with the Conservatives on issues such as the Budget and Brexit in return for policies, such as an increase in funding for the province. The decision to set a firm deadline is likely to increase pressure on both parties, particularly the DUP, to reach an agreement.

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams said he "told Theresa May directly that she is in breach of the Good Friday Agreement" by undermining the United Kingdom government's role as an impartial guarantor.

"There has to be a strong financial package to allow us to deliver good public services when we get the executive up and running again", she said.