Clinging on to her job, Britain's May appoints new ministers

Clinging on to her job, Britain's May appoints new ministers

The general election ended in a hung Parliament, where no party has the 326 seats needed to get an overall majority in the 650-seat House of Commons. Opinion polls had suggested she had a commanding lead over Jeremy Corbyn's Labour Party, but Corbyn will be judged more of a victor than May.

Business, already struggling with the uncertainties of the two-year Brexit negotiating process, urged party leaders to work together.

Mrs May's party lost ground to Jeremy Corbyn's Labour but said the Tories are still the largest party with 318 seats and 42.2% of the vote.

It's unclear what Theresa May's next move will be, but pundits are suggesting she will likely strike a deal with the Democratic Unionist Party, who now hold 10 seats.

The Conservatives and the DUP, which is socially conservative and backs Brexit, are expected to work together on a vote-by-vote basis rather than enter a formal alliance. She reappointed Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, Chancellor Philip Hammond and other top ministers - several of whom are potential plotters, and would-be replacements if she's deposed.

Joint chiefs of staff Nick Timothy and Fiona Hill formed part of May's small inner circle and were blamed by many Conservatives for the party's lackluster campaign and unpopular election platform, which alienated older voters with its plan to make them pay more for long-term care.

One of the lead European Union negotiators, Guy Verhofstadt, criticized May on Twitter, writing: "Yet another own goal, after Cameron now May, will make already complex negotiations even more complicated".

She also promised there would be no delays in negotiations with the European Union, which are scheduled to begin June 19.

Mr Hammond, 61, was named Chancellor of The exchequer by Mrs May shortly after she took over as prime minister almost a year ago, in the wake of Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

Diplomatic veterans say the Brexit process is as titanic in scale as it is historically unprecedented.

Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, added: "We don't know when Brexit talks start". We know when they must end. "Do your best to avoid a "no deal" as result of "no negotiations".

But she came under fire for a lacklustre, soundbite-driven performance on the campaign trail and a damaging U-turn on healthcare policy. It is a humiliation for the Conservatives that this has happened, and there are calls for May to resign as she does not appear to have the confidence of the British majority.

Corbyn bitingly told May to quit, saying she had "lost votes, lost support and lost confidence".

"It's an issue very close to my heart and one that I wanted categoric assurances from the prime minister on, and I received (them)", said Davidson, who is engaged to be married to her female partner.

Former Conservative minister Anna Soubry added that the premier "is in a very hard place... she now has to obviously consider her position". But Britain's Saturday newspapers agreed she is just clinging on.

The London Evening Standard, edited by former finance minister George Osborne who was sacked by May, splashed with a photo of her under the headline "Queen of Denial".

Labour Party candidate Preet Kaur Gill won her Birmingham Edgbaston seat by polling 24,124 votes, defeating ruling Conservative party rival Caroline Squire by 6,917 votes.

The Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in Thursday's election.

In a night that redrew the political landscape once again, the UK Independence Party (UKIP) lost millions of voters, triggering the resignation of leader Paul Nuttall. Young voters have not forgotten the Lib-Dems' "betrayal" of 2010, where the party first forged a coalition with the Conservatives and then abandoned a pre-election promise to oppose increases to tuition fees.

The SNP, which had called for a new independence referendum, lost 21 of the 56 seats it won in 2015, losing voters anxious by the prospect of a second divisive plebiscite.

"She might start off doing that but the Conservatives might well replace her mid-stream", he said.

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