Low blood supply has led to a critical need for donations

Low blood supply has led to a critical need for donations

Every year, on June 14, countries around the world celebrate World Blood Donor Day (WBDD).

Aigboje Ikhuoria reports that some residents in Benin City donated blood as part of the commemoration of the day.

Some of us may take it for granted, or have never donated once in our lives.

As per Jammu and Kashmir State Aids Control Society (JKSACS), one unit of blood can save three lives.

Addressing the fact that persons usually shy away from donating blood because of a fear of needles, Allen sought to assure potential donors that the procedure is safe. Summertime is one of the most critical times for blood donations because people are so busy and often engage in higher-risk activities. The free blood analysis before blood donation is done for individuals.

The week, which runs from June 11-17, acknowledges all donors throughout the country and the work of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service.

Patients with diseases such as cancer, who have had complications during pregnancy, accidents or surgery require blood transfusions.

He lamented that very few Nigerians walk into health centres to donate blood without any remuneration.

As well know that blood is one of the major components of human body and is the prime liquid component which is essential for life.

"This blood has helped boost the treatment of millions of people, particularly those on the edge between life and death", said the official. It also builds public awareness of the need for committed, year-round blood donation, in order to maintain adequate supplies and achieve a national self-sufficiency of blood.

Regular blood donation by sufficient number of healthy donors is required to ensure sufficient supply blood 24×7. If you have an disease caused by a virus you may not be able to donate blood till it is cured.

While being airlifted, her blood pressure was so low the emergency crews couldn't find a pulse so they stopped in Arcola to perform a blood transfusion.

Leaders with Virginia Blood Services in Harrisonburg said they still have a good amount of donations but they are down compared to five years ago.

According to Seidler, he started donating regularly after Hurricane Charley in 2004.