Virginia Democrats vying to be face of Trump resistance

Virginia Democrats vying to be face of Trump resistance

While the two Democratic contenders were tied in the most recent public polling a month ago, Northam has since outspent Perriello, a former one-term congressman and diplomat in President Barack Obama's administration, on campaign commercials and had almost twice as much cash heading into the final two-week stretch.

Both Lt. Gov. Northam and Mr. Perriello have sought to tap into the anger that Democrats feel about the 2016 election victory of President Trump and the many policy changes he is seeking to overturn longstanding health and environmental polices. Five have had Perriello ahead, and two have had Northam up. Perriello drilled him on the decision throughout the campaign. Unlike most Appalachian politicians, Perriello isn't embracing coal or natural gas. John Clisham is a 53-year-old school counselor. It also includes those in favor of the pipeline such as construction unions whose members would be employed by the pipeline's construction.

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Senator Reeves says he's willing to work with Democrats on issues where they can agree.

The IBEW said that they made a decision to endorse Perriello after he became the only candidate in the race the race to call for free two-year community college and repealing the state's "right-to-work" law, which allows workers to benefit from union contracts without paying dues to those unions. At this town hall, Perriello lauded the big protests against the president's policies that have happened in Washington and around the country. "He is better suited to expand the progressive coalition than anyone else in the race", said Rowe.

On the airwaves Northam has branded the president a "narcissistic maniac", while one of Perriello's closing spots has talked about fighting "tyranny" at home.

"I do feel it's important for people to understand that we are there to serve the goal of the commonwealth and to serve our citizens, not for any personal gain, and I don't want anyone having any doubts about that", Gillespie said. "I'm sick and exhausted of hearing about what's possible or not", he recently tweeted. He has proposed a plan to make community college debt-free for two years.

"I parked the cars for the staff that worked in the big office building on Capitol Hill and one of the people I was parking cars there with had an internship in one of the offices where there was another opening", Gillespie said.

On display south of the Mason-Dixon line is an experiment into how Democrats run against each other in the wake of a bruising primary season and in the midst of a party-wide power struggle over remaking itself in the image of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders.

Northam was considered the front-runner for the Democratic primary and was initially expected to have no major competition.

Chris Fury, a Bernie delegate from Roanoke, agrees with Podesta.

"I'm really upset with the way our political process is going, and I want to try to make it right", Richard Berdel said. Virginia, once a Republican bulwark in presidential polls, has gone Democratic in three straight elections.

Polling stations are open Tuesday between 6 7 determine who will take the place of the current Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe, who can't run for a second consecutive term under the term limit law unique to Virginia. "With high turnout, they'll see people are pissed". "I'm no Bobby Kennedy, but it's the moment", says Perriello.

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