Uber executive obtained Delhi rape victim's medical records; loses job

Uber executive obtained Delhi rape victim's medical records; loses job

Alexander had played a key role in Uber's Asia operations, especially in India which has become one of the company's biggest markets after exiting China in August previous year.

A top Uber executive has been fired from the company after it was revealed he obtained the medical records of a woman who was raped by a driver in New Delhi, India. Soon after the incident, Alexander was in India to investigate the claims, after which he obtained these files.

The report also said that while the US-based ride-hailing company was publicly apologetic after the incident, some senior executives, including Alexander, believed that the incident was a ploy by Uber's local rival Ola to sabotage its business in India.

This corporate procurement of medical records during an ongoing case is unusual enough that while it may reek of impropriety, the legality of the matter may not be immediately clear to laypeople.

Sources told the website that Alexander carried around the document for a year before other executives destroyed his copy. Uber, which has been the focus of a string of investigations lately, is hoping that this move will help resurrect its image.

When Recode asked Uber if Alexander was among the group that was let go, a spokesperson said he still employed at the company.

Alexander was one of Uber's associates to be summoned by the court to testify during the case, which later came to an off-court settlement with the victim for an undisclosed amount.

The incident in Delhi in 2014 had led to widespread changed in the ride-hailing taxi sector. The company was banned in Delhi after the story broke, putting at risk Uber's plan to dominate the market in India, a country of more than 1.3 billion people that the company hoped would fuel massive growth. "It is also not clear if he obtained these files legally", she continues.

After Uber was hit by a series of sexual harassment cases, lodged by its previous employees, Uber chose to investigate the cases as the heat was mounting over their dismal record of women safety and respect. "Travis never should have looked at the report and he should have fired him immediately", one executive told Recode.

A top executive at Uber's Asia business has been fired because he mishandled the proceedings in a 2014 rape case in India, according to two separate media reports. But Alexander's actions prior to his firing could land Uber in even more trouble, according to a new report. He brought the victim's medical records and showed them to both Kalanick and Michael.