Syria army reaches Iraq border after United States tensions: monitor

Syria army reaches Iraq border after United States tensions: monitor

In each case, US officials have said the pro-government forces were either advancing toward Tanf or were readying weapons and were perceived as a threat to the training camps.

The pro-regime forces were struck after entering the deconfliction zone around At Tanf and ignoring repeated warnings to turn back.

The June 8 strikes targeted two technicals that appeared to threaten coalition troops stationed at the At Tanf garrison, a small base located near the Iraq-Syria border, according to OIR spokesman Col. Ryan S. Dillon. The munitions did not cause any casualties.

As part of this effort, coalition forces established the deconfliction zone around al-Tanf, where USA and British special operations forces have trained Syrian fighters participating in anti-ISIS operations.

However, a statement from the US Central Command made it clear that they would not rule out further action against perceived threats from pro-regime forces, stating: "The coalition will take appropriate measures to protect our forces".

Blanford also reports that the two sides have already come to blows and the Iranian Regime came out worse for it. That show of force was only partially successful, as five of the vehicles continued approaching the base.

CNN reported that the the militia fighters were just inside a 34-mile so-called deconfliction zone the United States had set up weeks earlier to protect us forces in the area. Russian Federation has deployed air and some ground forces to Syria under the auspices of fighting terrorism, including ISIS, but has mostly focused its military power on supporting Assad against anti-government forces.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based monitor, said dozens of pro-government forces had arrived at the point on the Syria-Iraq border around 70km north of At-Tanaf.

Blanford wrote: At a junction on the highway, 50 miles north-west of the garrison in the direction of Damascus, a combined force of Syrian troops, Hezbollah fighters, and Iraqi Shiite militiamen are mobilising for a southward thrust to seize the Tanf border crossing. The US is opposed to allowing this route to be open. ISIS has moved fighters fleeing from Mosul and Raqqa into Deir az-Zour, making the battle for this city likely to be as bloody as the battles for Mosul and Raqqa.

"We certainly welcome any strike against the regime, but we want the real efforts to support the Syrian people and not to increase division in the region", said Mustafa Serjari, a spokesperson for the Al-Mutasem brigade, a Syrian rebel group backed by the United States.

Some reports indicate that the United States has set up a forward base at al-Zukf (or al-Zkuf), 70 km northwest of the al-Tanf base.

In a video posted on its Aamaq news agency, ISIS also alleged the coalition used white phosphorous over Raqqa on Thursday at dusk, when Muslims would have been breaking their Ramadan fasts.